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Centennial Too


Product Description

LE stands for Limited Edition Print

Tennessee was the first state to commemorate a centennial celebration of statehood with an exhibition. The actual anniversary was in 1896, but due to scheduling problems the memorable event was held from May through October of the following year.

Many buildings were included in the park site which was located two miles from the center of Nashville. They all had themes, mostly connected with various aspects of the life and times of the state and its inhabitants. However, there were additional structures sponsored by other states, organizations and special interest groups.

The three buildings in this 1989 print were located on the northern shore of Lake Watauga during the celebration. In the middle stands the Agriculture Building, which was styled in Renaissance architecture. Considered as the artistic keystone by most viewers, the domes were coverd with a semi-transparent imitiation of glass which glowed in sunlight like dull yellow metal. On the left is the structure dedicated to Transportation. It was rather different because of no columns...but a pleasing result was obtained by grouping of the masses and by careful proportioning. The Machinery Building, constructed in the Doric style, housed a vast display of machines and equipment.