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LE stands for Limited Edition Print

The Centennial Exposition was opened on May 1, 1897 to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of Tennessee's admission to statehood. It served as an expression of gratitiude to the founders of the state.

The 200 acres allocated for the event were home to many buildings that housed important collections or rare exhibits. Most were connected to the various aspects of life, business, trade and culture of Tennessee, but there were also buildings for several states, the federal government and different organizations. In addition, there was an amusement area called "Vanity Fair".

Featured in this 1989 print are three of the most prominent buildings during the celebration, all located in the southern section of what is now called Centennial Park. The Commerce Building, depicted in the middle, was the largest of the halls...591 feet long. Its architecture was based on the Corinthian and Ionic orders of the Greco-Roman style. To the right is an exact duplication of the Parthenon from ancient Athens. It was the focal point on the grounds...and added strength to Nashville's slogan as "Athens of the South". The Auditorium (on the left) was a combination of Ionic and colonial styles with seating capacity of 6,000.