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Gun Powder Plant Train Yard


Product Description

Gun Powder Plant Train Yard

Digitally restored photo printed on metal, 79" wide x 9" high, ready to hang. 

One of the biggest hurdles facing DuPont on the eve of 1918 as contracts were signed with the government to seal the deal on constructing the world's largest gunpowder plant was getting supplies to the Hadley’s Bend area. On February 7, 1918 DuPont subcontracted the Mason and Hanger Construction Company to begin the building of the railroad from the Hermitage Station to Hadley’s Bend. In record time, the subcontractor laid over 7 miles of track. The first load of building materials delivered to the area by railroad occurred on March 15, 1918.  By April of 1918, nearly 10,000 employees were using trains to access the powder plant. At the peak of operation, 32 trains were carrying 17,000 passengers with an average of 275 freight cars to the area daily.