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Digitally restored photo printed on metal, 56" wide x 11" high, ready to hang.

A common theme in 1918 and well into the DuPont-owned Village era was…keep as many people in the area as you can and give them everything they need so they have no reason to venture outside of Old Hickory proper. Providing multiple forms of entertainment, for old and young alike, was critical in the eyes of DuPont executives. One of the more unique forms of provision was the outdoor amphitheater.Constructed in the summer of 1918, it had a seating capacity of 5,000 people. Amphitheater attendance frequently reached and surpassed seating capacity. On one occasion, the Old Hickory News reported at least 7,000 people gathering at the theater to watch a presentation of “Old Wives for Now.” In addition to entertainment, the amphitheater was often used to inform workers on news from the war and changes at the gunpowder plant.