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DS Art - Don Stewart

The more you look, the more there is to see...

Don Stewart studied way too hard to be an artist. He earned his bachelor's dregree in biology and art before moving on to medical school followed by a prestigious surgical internship. Juggling a 24-hour call schedule, the young doctor still managed to create as well as win awards for writing fiction and poetry and completing his first two composite drawings.

Ultimately the pen proved mightier than the scalpel; after a year of surgery Stewart discharged himself from the hospital, and promptly disappeared into an art studio. It was likely the best clinical decision he ever made. These days Dr. Stewart limits his practice to treating disorders of the funny bone.

Every one of Don Stewart's intriguing composite images is drawn entirely by hand, using an ordinary ballpoint pen. Each drawing begins with a pencil sketch, and a long list of possible ingredients. In a process that usually takes about a month to complete, Don carefully researches each subject, considering dozens of ideas and compositions before finally putting ink to paper.

Don Stewart's composite drawings are reproduced in limited and open edition prints, on acid-free paper for years of enjoyment. Each print is personally signed by the artist.

Check out the visual humor of Don Stewart at www.dsart.com

Prices and size availability subject to change without notice.