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Galen Madaras - Stained Glass


Galen Madaras designer of SRD is a multi media artist. She started creating SS jewelry designs in 1988, throughout the years SRD has sold to over 34 galleries in the US, exhibited at the Mimac Indian museum in Restigouche Canada and Tennessee State University. Published as a contributing artist with Lark books ‘Creative Bead jewelry’ by Carol Taylor in 1996 sold thousands of copies to date. Galen has taught classes to children, teenagers, and professionals through avenues of bead stores, bead societies, Mercer Island high school and Girl Scouts of America.

The past years have been a journey of exploration of many different mediums, clay sculpture, costume design, metal fabrication, doll making and most recently the discovery of abstract painting. 5 years ago through the introduction of her dad, she discovered a new found love for glass, creating unique and one of a kind pieces. Not your typical stained glass. The pieces are organic is shape and intention, incorporation copper wire and other unusual items.