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  • 10 Major City Maps - 24"x36" Poster-sized Wood cutout of streets in: Nashville, New York, Atlanta, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, & More!

Map of City - 36x24


Product Description

City Map - 36"x24" Standard Poster size wall screen made of 1/4" Birch. Wood cutout of the streets of 10 different cities in the US.

Current map collection:

Atlanta, Georgia
Boston, Massachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
Louisville, Kentucky
Manhattan, New York
Nashville, Tennessee
St Louis, Missouri
San Francisco, California
Seattle, Washington
Washington, DC

One Man One Garage wanted to capture something about Nashville that hasn't been done before. Anyone seeing Nashville via GPS might recognize the familiar outlines of our fair city.

The Nashville map is a landscape (Horizontal) cutout. Manhattan New York, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, and others are all portrait style (vertical). All cities are exactly 36 inches long, on the long side, and 24 inches (actual 23.75") on the short side. They fit well into a Standard Poster size frame. Please indicate which city in the Comment section at checkout.