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PP Amqui Station, All Aboard - Madison, Tennessee


Product Description

Ornament: 4" Diameter 1/8" Thick PVC

LE stands for Limited Edition Print

Built in 1910, the Amqui Station was established as a switching depot located at the junction of the Louisville and Nashville (L&N Railroad) lines coming from the north and northeast. This station had a name like no other. Some say "Amqui" was an Indian word meaning "parting of the ways". But popular lore says that "Amqui" was a contraction of "d--- quick!", which could either be in reference to how long it took to travel from the junction to 12th Avenue South in Nashville or how quickly the train could get going after stopping at the Madison station. No matter what the origin, the Amqui Station became known as much for its unusual moniker as it was for its switching function.

The Amqui Station train depot has an unusual two-story design. The second story housed a "switch room" and a waiting room was located on the ground floor. As transportation methods changed, the old depot was no longer needed, and became dilapidated. Amqui Station was saved by country music legend Johnny Cash in 1979 when he moved it to Hendersonville. In 2003 it was moved back to Madison, thanks to the efforts of community leaders through Discover Madison, Inc. In 2010, visitors can once again experience the sights and sounds of passing trains while sitting on the front porch of Amqui Station. The switch room and waiting rooms are still there, as welcoming as they were back in its hey-day. The Amqui Station beckons its townspeople to enjoy its offerings, and it serves as a focal point for the Madison community once more.