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PP - Parthenon East


Product Description

The Parthenon of Nashville, located in Centennial Park, is now in great condition! An extensive restoration and renovation program was completed in 1988...and this copy of the Greek original now sparkles with new brilliance inside and out.

The East face of the structure, as depicted in this 1989 lithograph, under-went several beneficial changes, including a new access passage to the lower galleries and improved approaches to the main level.

Inside, the new and amazing 42-foot statue of Athena was completed during 1989. It is a beautiful reminder of the Greek goddess associated with the original Parthenon built in Athens during the fifth century B.C.

The Nashville reproduction of the famous Doric temple was opened to the public in 1931, replacing an earlier (less permanent) recreation that was introduced as an exhibition hall during the Tennessee Centennial in 1897.