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PP - Parthenon West Face


Product Description

OE stands for Open Edition Print 

Ornament: 4" Diameter 1/8" Thick PVC

The Parthenon of Nashville is a fantastic reproduction of the Parthenon in ancient Greece.

The original, still partially standing but looted and in shambles, was constructed between 447 and 432 B.C. on the Acropolis overlooking Athens. The outstanding talents of Ictinus and Phidias were delicately combined in architecture and sculpture to produce a structure renowned throughout the world. In fact, it is considered in architectural comparative terms as the most perfect Doric temple ever built.

Nashville's "copy" was utilized as an exhibition hall for the Tennessee Centennial in 1897...and was so popular it became the only sturcture spared from destruction at the end of the celebration. However, due to the non-permanent nature of materials used, it had to be reconstructed beginning in 1920...with the Hart, Freeland & Roberts firm as local architect and Foster & Creighton as the primary contractor. The exterior was finished in 1925, but it was May 1931 when the project reached completion and the interior could finally be appreicated by visitors.

The Parthenon, as depicted in this 1981 lithograph, is still greatly enjoyed today for its lasting beauty and most importantly as an art exhibition hall.