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International Trees


Product Description

OE stands for Open Edition Print 

Ornament: 4" Diameter 1/8" Thick PVC

Exclusive to Picture This

Christmas trees, a symbol of the happiest season of the year, vary from country to country because of customs and traditions. This card depicts the differences in holiday trees from seven countries:

Holland - The Dutch include Saint Nicholas in their Christmas celebration. Trees are adorned with pinwheels, pine cones, sugar bells, cookies, nuts, fruit and strips of beads. Children place wooden shoes near the fireplace.

England - Christmas trees became very popular during Queen Victoria's reign. Celebrations include the visit of Father Christmas and flaming plum pudding. English trees feature taffeta swags, sugarplum baskets, candles and gumdrops.

Wales - The December Welsh wind chills the countryside...but hearts are warm at Christmas. Families gather to celebrate the season with a feast that includes mutton and baked goods. The tree is neatly trimmed in subdued ornamentation.

United States - Christmas observances and customs in the USA are a combination of traditions from other countries...particularly Germany, Holland and England. Trees are bright with lights, hanging ornaments, metallic garland and icicles.

Scotland - The Scots, a very proud people, raise their voices in song during Christmastime. Children hang their stockings in anticipation of Father Christmas. Trees are brightly decorated with ornaments and candles.

Germany - The Chirstmas tree tradition began in Germany. Today, the customary tree includes paper stars and bells, three-bell clusters, ribbon stars, Saint Nicholas figures and small gingerbread houses (cookies).

Denmark - The traditional Danish Christmas trees are decorated with the flag of their country, paper cones, drinking straw stars, small wooden cutouts and heart-shaped ornaments. Christmas seals originated in Denmark in 1903.