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My Personal Credo - April Stewart

My Personal Credo

April Stewart

"I live and have raised my family in Franklin, Tennessee. In 1988 I received a Master of Architecture degree from Georgia Tech. After getting my fill of historic preservation and designing custom homes, I felt it was time to make a change. I knew it had to be something creative!

One night, I had a unique conversation with my daughter's teenage babysitter at a time in her life when she was trying her best to figure herself out. The conversation was all about what is was she truly believed in. Inspired by that conversation and the innate desire to inspire my own three daughters, I trademarked the i.b.liev'n... logo and began creating credos on small canvases.

Collectively, my 'Credos' touch an array of human emotions...from funny to hopeful and from encouragement to self-confidence. Their purpose is to be fun and inspiring!

I hope they make you smile...I believe in and love what I do!"

~April Stewart~


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