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Old Hickory 100th Anniversary

The Old Hickory Centennial Committee hosted a dinner and art exhibit for the 100th Anniversary weekend which was held June 1, 2018.  This fundraising dinner benefited the Old Hickory Christian Community Outreach Center which is a non-profit organization representing area Old Hickory Churches seeking to provide financial aid to those in the Old Hickory Community who find themselves in need of food, clothing, and general assistance.
Jerry Barnes, Owner of The Old Hickory Garage, has been collecting historical photos of Old Hickory for many years and he had an exhibit of nearly 30 of his favorite restored panoramic photos. Many of these images will be on permanent display in the NEW Old Hickory Community Center, once built. 
Below you will find all of the 100th Anniversary memorabilia items that are available for purchase. Select items now reflect a price at 50% off the regular retail price.