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Robert Jones

Experience & Creativity. History & Mystery.

My father was a carpenter. I'm an illustrator. Both of us were passionate about history. What I enjoy most of all is putting the three together and producing paintings and woodwork that have the look of another time.


The woods used for each wand is either privet, maple or poplar, depending on which growth on my property requires trimming or removal. Sometimes God decides for me. The wands are generally sliced out of 18” logs, about 3-4” in diameter. I let the natural grain tell me where the shape wants to go. Occasionally I’ll find a piece of wood from another source that comes home with me from various places. There have been wands made from trees being trimmed at Battery Park in Charlseton or at LBJ’s ranch in Johnsonville, TX. Fearing jail, I always acquire permission in my quest for wood. The boxes are handmade from wood that used to be fence staves, planed to a usable thickness and shaped into slide boxes. Each wand is given two names; one in Latin (the language of wizards and witches) and the english translation. The maps are original art pieces that I illustrated for the purpose of inclusion with the wands. Harry Potter wands at Universal Studios include a map and I didn’t want to be outdone. All name tags are original art calligraphy. My wife decided that a layer of burlap fit the package, which is supposed to look ancient.